The End

After 17 months, the project is finally complete! Not every task has been successful but we’ve given them all a good go. My personal favourite was rolling down the grassy hill, apart from the big rash that appeared on my arms and legs! I also liked doing the mini assault course and burying Ben in the sand.

Making some brightly coloured kites

This is the final task from the 33 things list! To make and fly a kite. We found some comprehensive instructions on how to make a kite here:

We used some thick, extremely fluorescent coloured paper as the “cover” for our kites. Other things you need for this task include glue, tape, long sticks (or in our case multiple coffee stirrers taped together), string, scissors and maybe a stapler. And some paint or pens to decorate it with. I finished my kite first and chose “THE BEST KITE IN THE WORLD!” as some decorative text. Tess then tried to upstage me by using “THE BEST KITE IN THE UNIVERSE” on hers!

TimeOut treasure/scavenger hunt

This was the closest thing to a free scavenger hunt that I could find – they’ve called it a treasure hunt but we’ve changed it into a scavenger hunt by answering the clues and taking photographic evidence of each answer. Out of the different choices we opted for the “Treasure hunt: after-dark East End”. The next post will feature all our answers (some we couldn’t get!) and photos.

Find all the TimeOut London treasure hunts here

Pooh sticks on Tower Bridge

The basic premise of the game “pooh sticks” is to stand on a bridge (over a river or stream), drop sticks over the upstream side and see which stick emerges first on the other side of the bridge.

I cut up six twigs to roughly equal size then Tess and I chose three each at random. To spot them easily in the water and to differentiate between our sticks we covered them in different coloured electrical tape (Tess = green, James = yellow). We went to Tower Bridge to play best of 3 games – I won the first but then Tess won the next two games!